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Sep 10

Family Life Today interviews

A few weeks ago I asked our church to pray for my trip to Little Rock, Ark., as I was recording a broadcast interview for Family Life Today. The programs will air this Wednesday through Friday. Thank you to all of you who prayed. To see how the Lord answered these prayers you can tune into WLBF at 12 noon on those days or simply click on the following links at your convenience.

Wednesday’s Broadcast: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Thursday’s Broadcast: Taking Every Thought Captive
Friday’s Broadcast: Married to a Liar

Dec 12

Love Communicates

You’ve seen it a thousand times. Two Christians, members of the same family (or of God’s family), are trying to resolve a conflict when one of them shuts down right in the middle of the process. “What’s going on here?” you wonder. You’re not sure where to begin probing. “Is he angry? Is she afraid? Is it a matter of vengeance—is she purposely shutting down in order to pay back the other for some hurtful comment that was made earlier in the conversation? Has he never been taught proper biblical communication skills? Is she trying to avoid conflict, or, is it simply a matter of her choosing to not answer because she doesn’t know what to say?”

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Nov 15

Postmarital Checkup Questions

As a biblical counselor, you know all too well the importance of taking engaged couples through a thorough premarital counseling program. But, what do you do for them once the honeymoon is over? It has been my practice to schedule a postmarital counseling session approximately three months after “the big day” to help ensure that my newlyweds are off to a good start. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 07

Lou teaching biblical counseling in Brazil

Lou left on Sunday November 5th to speak at a conference for pastors in Brazil.  Lou’s speaking schedule including topics is listed below.

Tuesday Evening @ 7:30                      What is Biblical Counseling?
Wednesday Morning @ 10:30            Helping People Who Are Angry
Wednesday Evening @ 8:40                Helping People Who Are Fearful
Thursday Evening @ 8:40                    Issues about Marriage (part 1)
Friday Evening @ 7:30                           Issues about Marriage (part 2)