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Jun 19


"Be Transformed" Sermon Series | Week 4: Forgiveness from Valleydale Church on Vimeo.

Jun 19


"Be Transformed" Sermon Series | Week 3: Humility from Valleydale Church on Vimeo.

Jun 19


"Be Transformed" Sermon Series | Week 2: Contentment from Valleydale Church on Vimeo.

Jun 19


"Be Transformed" Sermon Series | Week 1: Wisdom from Valleydale Church on Vimeo.

Jul 23

Receiving and Responding to Reproof

Receiving and Responding to Reproof on Vimeo.  

Apr 17


What comes to your mind when you hear the word faithfulness? How do you picture it? This is one of those words that seems to involve so many things that it’s difficult to grasp. But in reality, it’s quite simple to understand. Consider the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25. I would like …

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Jan 26

On Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

To my way of thinking, the place of the doctrine of justification in the believer’s life is much like the operating system on a computer. I’m a PC guy. My personal computer operates under a Windows operating system. Windows is always up and running, but most of the time, it runs in the background. I …

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Dec 12

Love Communicates

You’ve seen it a thousand times. Two Christians, members of the same family (or of God’s family), are trying to resolve a conflict when one of them shuts down right in the middle of the process. “What’s going on here?” you wonder. You’re not sure where to begin probing. “Is he angry? Is she afraid? …

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