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Dec 12

Love Communicates

You’ve seen it a thousand times. Two Christians, members of the same family (or of God’s family), are trying to resolve a conflict when one of them shuts down right in the middle of the process. “What’s going on here?” you wonder. You’re not sure where to begin probing. “Is he angry? Is she afraid? …

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Nov 21

Serving up Homework Asian Style

I love Asian food! When I was a boy living on Long Island, my grandparents would often drive in from Brooklyn to visit with us for the weekend. When they did, they would sometimes take my parents, siblings, and me out for Chinese food. We usually ordered “family style.” What this meant was that we …

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Nov 19

Why Do We Do What We Do?

There are many reasons for doing biblical counseling—the ultimate of which is to glorify God. But there are other reasons—one of which I would like to briefly address. This particular motivation falls under the second greatest biblical commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). I counsel biblically because I truly believe that the …

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Nov 15

Postmarital Checkup Questions

As a biblical counselor, you know all too well the importance of taking engaged couples through a thorough premarital counseling program. But, what do you do for them once the honeymoon is over? It has been my practice to schedule a postmarital counseling session approximately three months after “the big day” to help ensure that …

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Mar 15

Training Teens To “Open Up”

One of the most common communication difficulties we encounter in counseling is people who are passive rather than active in the communication process. That is, they sit passively by, expecting those with whom they are supposed to be conversing to take all of the initiative. Rather than volunteering all of the data necessary for the …

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