Sep 30

New booklet aims to help those seeking a counselor

Lou has a new bookout out titled “Biblical Counseling: What to Expect.” You can find it from Kress Biblical Resources.

Mar 09

Bitterness available in Czech

Bitterness in CzechoslovakianLou Priolo’s book “Bitterness: The Root That Pollutes” is now available in a Czechoslovakian translation.

Jan 15

Review of Lou’s new book Danger Signs

Dec 17

Make Every Effort

Hear Lou Priolo unpack and apply 2 Peter 1:1-15 in this new podcast from Valleydale Church:

Oct 18

Do you know the Danger Signs?

Use this Danger Signs Tally Sheet to check for the signs that you or your girlfriend/boyfriend believe are potential threats to your marital happiness and success. To be use in conjunction with the e-book version of Danger Signs of an Unhealthy Dating Relationship by Lou Priolo.

Oct 15

Good stuff about Resolving Conflict

Aug 26

New release: Resolving Conflict

Resolving ConflictNow shipping … Resolving Conflict: How To Make, Disturb, and Keep Peace
Often Christians try to avoid conflict, but many of the Bible’s interpersonal exhortations make conflict a necessity. Lou Priolo takes us through the biblical principles of conflict resolution, showing us what we need before, during, and after conflict. He also shares practical steps and advice, including specific talking points to help resolve conflict and journaling ideas for learning from it. Go here to order online.

Jul 11

New release: Faithfulness (No More Excuses)

Faithfulness--No More ExcusesAre you faithful? There are some simple, and perhaps surprising, ways to find out. Biblical counselor Lou Priolo defines faithfulness and provides three tests for assessing your trustworthiness. You will be challenged by how you score! Through instruction and straightforward exercises, he helps you to turn from fear and excuses and embrace your God-given responsibilities. As you are faithful in little things, God will give you increasing opportunities to be faithful with much, much more Go here to order online.

Feb 08

New Chinese translations released

Lou Priolo is pleased to announce new Chinese translations of his Biblical Living Series of booklets.

Feb 02

New Dutch title available

Dutch-teaching-childrenLou Priolo is pleased to announce a new Dutch translation of his book on parenting and teaching your children.

Here is a link to Lou Priolo’s book on CLC’s Dutch site.

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